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Worldwide apogee of photovoltaics

07 August 2017


From the ANNUAL REPORT 2017 of the UNEF entitled THE WORLD BOX OF PHOTOVOLTAIC, we have extracted the following headlines:

Chapter Sectoral Analysis:

  • The balance between the value that is collected by the photovoltaic business and the premiums and subsidies received is positive.

  • The photovoltaic sector is one of the most valuable in R & D, generating employment and contributing to the economy.

  • The PV sector invests more than two and a half times in R & D than the average of the other sectors.

Chapter of Electrical Markets:

  • The generation of electricity from photovoltaic technology significantly reduces the wholesale market price.

  • Auctions, to be efficient, have to be based on the criterion of price per kWh produced.

  • In international auctions photovoltaic has proven to be the most competitive energy.

  • How and how much the photovoltaic situation in Spain will improve depends on the regulation we have in the long term.

Chapter of Economic Analysis:

  • Large-scale photovoltaic power generation is already cheaper than fossil fuel sources.

  • Many countries are abandoning the feed-in-tariff, opening the door to new models of financing for photovoltaic projects.

  • In Spain the feed-in-tariff was eliminated with the approval of Royal Decree Law 9/2013 withdrawing the special regime.

  • Long-term energy acquisition contracts represent a financing option for photovoltaic projects.

  • In recent years, the costs of photovoltaics have fallen by 85% thanks to investment in R & D.
    Reducing risk for investors and stability of the regulatory framework are two key elements for finding new financing models.

Chapter of Energy Policy and Energy Objectives Photovoltaics:

  • The Winter Package, published in 2016, sets the stage for the energy transition and total decarbonisation in Europe.

  • The Winter Package Directives define the framework to adapt the electric market design to a greater integration of renewables.

  • Consumers will be key players in the energy markets of the future.

Technical Analysis Chapter:

In 2016 75 GW of photovoltaic was installed worldwide.

According to Solar Power Europe, the European market will grow by 8.8 GW in 2017.
Europe occupies the second place in the ranking of regions by photovoltaic power installed in 2016.

In 2016 55 MW of PV were installed (in our country), including power connected to grid and isolated power.

Chapter of Final Perspectives:

It is to be hoped that the creation of the new State Research Agency within the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness at the end of 2016 will represent a before and after in the government's commitment to the development of research in Spain.

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