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Transfiere 2019 Malaga

25 February 2019

During the 13th and 14th of February, the 8th edition of the European Forum for Science, Technology and Innovation (Transfiere 2019) took place at Trade Fairs and Congress Center of Málaga.

Organized by FYCMA (Trade Fairs and Congress Center of Málaga), and promoted by the City Council of Malaga, Junta de Andalucía and the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities of Spain. Transfiere 2019.

It is the main Spanish R & D & I meeting, which every year brings together thousands of professionals. This year's edition is attended by 4,000 professionals from 40 different countries, more than a thousand companies and 4,700 research groups. The transfer of research to large companies and between the university and the public company was analyzed, putting researchers, companies, institutions, administration, dynamic agents and startups in contact.

Renfe, Adif, Telefónica or Puertos del Estado are some of the big companies that take part in the event. Also the presence of Spanish public research by the Council of Scientific Research.  Xunta de Galicia presented its new vertical accelerator specialized in aeronautics and unmanned vehicles Business Factory Aeronautics-BFAero, according to Aula Magna.

The transfer of knowledge, innovation and entrepreneurship, business models, the creation of technology-based companies, internationalization opportunities (Japan as a guest country, Brazil, Portugal, Argentina, the Arab Emirates), as well as the role of women in the field of technology and innovation, they have been some of the axes of this edition.

Regarding this point of the role of women and according to Aula Magna, "more than 150 professionals have gathered at the breakfast-discussion 'Talent Woman by Transfiere & Alastria', which has claimed female leadership in the field of STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). In this context, Transfiere has brought together some outstanding exponents of this leadership, like the Metrovacesa Innovation Director, Carmen Chicharro; the managing director of the Alastria platform, Montserrat Guardia, or the CEO of the Mindset consultant, Mónica Quintana, among others ".

Given the transversal and multisectorial nature of the event and among the different sectors that are being addressed in the successive editions (Health and Health Technology, Communication and Information Technologies, Agri-Food, Tourism, Services and Financing, Defense and Security, Artificial Intelligence, others) we emphasize the one dedicated to Energy, which in the edition of this year had the following participants:

We transcribe some notes taken from the presented papers:

Could one speak of a technological leadership in Spain? This means having an attractive product that can operate safely. Spain is characterized for having played a very important role in the field of clean energy.1st country in Europe with the energy mix of renewables, thanks to the fact that the smart grid ecosystem (smartgrids) has worked in R & D and has a very consolidated perimeter. Leaders in Thermosolar Energy.

No one doubts today about the inescapable presence of photovoltaic and wind in the renewable mix.

That the National Energy and Climate Plan was being drafted. "The National Energy and Climate Plan will see the light on February 22: 70% of renewable for 2030 and nuclear blackout until 2035."  

Spanish climate change office announces a directive on renewable that has just been approved: 32% at European level. "The EU sets a renewable energy target of 32% by 2030" 

Decarbonization by 2050 must be compatible with the decarbonization of the economy.

Spain technological leader for the effort in R & D. Collaborative R & D is essential.

CO2 emissions: 18% more in 2017 than in 1990. 16% is from transport. In 2017, 1,200,000 passenger cars are registered. CO2 regulations of the European Union ... requires that there is an R & D aimed at achieving these objectives.

Energy transition in 10 years: mobilize 200 billion euros. They have to make private funds add up. The proposal to generate a fund was proposed.

A responsible R & D policy must carry out strategic action with the design of adequate instruments guiding the public sphere.

The auction is a mechanism to inject different low carbon energies into the system. Use part of those auctions for technologies that need a jump to reach the market.

Objective 35% in 2030. The framework is complicated. Interconnections with problems and see how the important role that, surely, will be self-consumption.

One of the objectives must be to reduce the amount of discharges to the minimum necessary. From there you can make auctions prime clean energy ... also storage auctions. What role to give the pumping system and of course the storage issue.

Is there a financial limit in R & D & I? Are we being fair in the energy transformation?

Different entities echo the meeting:

La Opinion de Málaga, the eve and the pen of Marina Prieto, entitled: "Transfiere will promote future agreements with Japan, the world leader in innovation. More than 4,000 professionals will attend the meeting on knowledge transfer between research and business. "
Endesa makes an appeal: "Join the technological challenge of Transfiere".
The Aula Magna university employment portal: "Transfiere consolidates its role to promote knowledge transfer, attract talent and promote open innovation". 
The PROTERMOSOLAR platform, the main Spanish Association for the promotion of thermosolar energy. 
On 19/02/2019 the local newspaper Sur, titled: "The most technological profile of the UMA, in Transfiere" The scientific-technological offer of the UMA had a special role in Transfiere, which had more than 4,700 groups of research and more than a thousand companies 

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