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The challenge of Labor conciliation in Grupo T-Solar

24 February 2020

The conciliation policies that these companies implement are essential to achieve the necessary and desirable balance between business needs and the well-being of employees.

In our current society, making personal-family life compatible with professional-business life involves many difficulties. Obviously, the role of companies is fundamental in this respect and the conciliation policies that these companies implement will be essential to achieve the necessary and desirable balance between business needs and the well-being of employees. Organic Law 3/2007 of March 20 sets minimums that companies must meet in matters of family conciliation.

“Labor conciliation measures are increasingly widespread in Spanish companies: 58% of companies declare that they already have conciliation measures, while in large companies the percentage is much higher with 77%,” according with the data published by economista.es sept 2018. Data updated as of June 6, 2019 on Reconciliation of work and family life in Spain, statistics, data and graphs, in this link.

Since 2019 Grupo T-Solar (GTS) is actively working on the implementation of an Equality and Labor Conciliation Plan. This Plan includes among others the following aspects:

The hiring of staff will be focused on guaranteeing equal opportunities and fair working conditions, being the qualifications, knowledge and professional experience of the candidates, the only factors to be evaluated during the selection process.

GTS seeks equity in the number of male and female workers in addition to promoting active measures to facilitate the reconciliation of personal and work life.

The development and professional growth of its employees is promoted not only thanks to promotions but also through reconciliation measures of family and professional life.

GTS develops with its teamwork, an objective fulfillment system that incorporates and involves staff in improvement projects. For this, among other strategies, tries to encourage the participation of the worker, adopting measures for the reconciliation of work and personal-family life or ensuring ergonomic measures of space, material or equipment, necessary to ensure a good working climate .

In Grupo T-solar, our employees are an absolute priority as they are, without a doubt, our most important asset. For this reason and under the framework of the initiatives developed in CSR matters, last December, Grupo T-Solar, obtained the efr badge granted by Fundación MásFamilia as a company that reconciles work life with personal and family life. For this we have adopted and presented 35 conciliation measures that we have implemented in our organization, presented to all employees, and that endorse all our efforts made since the beginning of our activity.

Each measure reported annually to MasFamilia foundation is evaluated, quantified in terms of the results achieved and new measures are presented to achieve greater protection and an improvement in the quality of life and well-being of employees and their families in their diverse contexts.

The efr badge, therefore, recognizes the good practices adopted in each company and guarantees the annual renewal of the commitment in terms of reconciling work and personal / family life. Organizations that have this badge have a business culture where productivity and employee welfare prevail over rigid or weak systems, recognizing the environment based on the performance and effectiveness of their workers.

Additionally, this initiative brings interesting advantages to companies that have this badge because they are able to: attract the best talent, attract new investors (attracting socially responsible investment ISR) and, above all, improve corporate image and reputation and competitiveness. Without forgetting that it favors the improvement of the work environment, it reduces the rate of absenteeism and prevents the excessive turnover of personnel.

Masfamilia foundation, an organization that grants this efr badge, has received various international awards for its work (UN, EU, COFACE), and has been working since 2003 on the dissemination, implementation and continuous improvement of the Efr Model in organizations to support The family in all areas. The certification in turn is endorsed by the Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare of the Spanish State.

We know that labor conciliation is a great challenge for companies like ours. We know that we still have a long way to go, but from Grupo T-Solar, we are proud to have achieved our badge in conciliation and we have the firm purpose and the determined commitment to continue advancing in this matter.

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