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T-Solar participates in the cycles organized by the Energy Club

04 May 2017

Within the cycle organized by The Spanish Club Of Energy in collaboration with the Orkestra-Ivc Energy Chair Of The University Of Deusto.

Together with the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Center for Energy, Environmental and Technological Research took place last day April 26, 2017 a day under the title of:

Technological frontiers in electricity generation renewable energies and hydrogen

A selection of renowned experts (representatives of the different energy sources and technologies) took part in the presentations, from the Administration, the academic and university world to leading managers of prestigious business groups, associations and institutions of the energy sector.

On behalf of the T-SOLAR GROUP, Mr. José Benito García Rodríguez, Director of Operation and Maintenance, presented his presentation under the title "Technological Frontiers in the Generation of Photovoltaic Solar Electricity", a presentation in which, and through the statements that We measure the degree of maturity achieved by Photovoltaic as well as the challenges for its development.

The truly important change in energy generation has been produced by replacing the traditional sources of energy (fossils) with renewable sources, until the renewable era.

It is the source of energy with more growth and future. Strong leadership among the sources of electricity generation.
Impressive technological progress in recent years. Solar PV technology is a mature and competitive technology.

There are now more than 114 countries that have renewable energy policy. Well-designed auctions are an effective regulatory tool to promote Photovoltaics.

The T-Solar Group has achieved an installed photovoltaic capacity of 286 MWp in operation in Spain, Italy, USA, Peru, India and Japan.

The application of Photovoltaics in new fields such as the automotive will bring the really disruptive changes.

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