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T-Solar arrives in the country of the rising sun

21 November 2016

A new solar power plant is born.

A new opportunity is born to diminish even a minimum the greenhouse gases product of the fossil energies. The horizon, that line more poetic than real, becomes with it more limpid and crystalline. And looking at that line of future horizon we can ask ourselves from where is born that daily miracle called sun: From east or west? From east or west? From the east or the west? From dawn or sunset? It is rising from the east and tracing its celestial curvature daily, is west in the west. It is no coincidence that Eos, the Aurora, is Helios' sister.

If it rises from the east it is from there that it is born. And this new plant is born, as we can see, in the east, in the country of the rising sun, in Nippon-Nihon, 日本 where "the sun's origin" is. It is clear that today's galactic distances contemplate the appearance of the sun on the horizon line is somewhat bucolic, but it is a subjectivity that T-Solar does not want to drop into the black hole of objectivity, while his bet is the person Concrete.

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