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T-Solar: always in continuous growth

02 March 2017

Since it was born in October 2006, T-Solar Group has consolidated itself as one of the companies in the energy sector reference at national level.

Its reason for being is the generation of electricity with photovoltaic technology. That is why its commitment to environmental sustainability is total since solar photovoltaic energy is clean, quiet and allows to reduce CO2 emissions.

The importance of renewable energy is increasing every day. Unquestionably we are faced with a sad reality called climate change. The development of clean energy is fundamental to combat it and seems essential to limit its most devastating effects.

The statistics provided by the International Energy Agency (IEA) in 2015 show the rise of clean energy. Its growth is unstoppable and accounts for almost half of the new installed capacity in 2014.

The commitment to the environment and the development of the environment of the T-Solar Group is irrefutable. Proof of this are the various programs of tree planting or social funds that launches in the countries in which it operates.

This corporate vision would not be possible without the right equipment. That is why the company has always had the best professionals in the industry. A young group, dynamic and involved with the company's objectives.

In terms of infrastructures, the company has more than 50 plants with an installed capacity of 316MWp in operation and development in Spain, Italy, India, Peru, the USA and Japan.

In 2015 the T-Solar Group generated more than 410GWh of energy, which is equivalent to the average annual electricity consumption of a population of 712,000 inhabitants.
The business project undertaken by T-Solar Group has strategic enclaves for business development such as its international expansion in the Asian continent with the connection in 2016 of 31.2 new MW in Japan. The Gunma plant, located in Takayama, Japan, has a capacity of 31.2 MWp and covers an area of ​​more than 81 hectares. With more than 100,000 panels installed, production is estimated to be 34GW, electricity equivalent to the annual consumption of 15,000 inhabitants.

This great project is the last clear demonstration of the objective pursued by the entity to continue growing at a global level, so that it is settling in places where until now it was not present.

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