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Solar Energy. Social Energy

01 December 2016

Some people define social fund as a financial instrument to promote employment in certain places and to promote greater economic and social cohesion.

A social fund, as we see it from T-Solar, is more than that. A social fund allows in its application that in certain regions values ​​such as self-improvement, trust, discipline or education can endure, from helping thousands of citizens.

Young people are today an angular part of our society, and for this reason we must put everything in our power to strengthen and contribute in its development. Education as comprehensive and comprehensive as possible guarantees training, reduces dropout rates, and improves skills for the professions that society needs, improving competitiveness.

Ensuring equal opportunities, promoting employment and integration into the world of work, with recycling and training programs are some of the objectives of the social support fund.


In this regard, the T-Solar Group has, for example, carried out a social support and community relations fund in La Joya and Majes (Arequipa, Peru) carried out by the Office of Development for the Company of Jesus Province of Peru.
The objective was a greater implementation of the educational institutions with materials, furniture and equipment, motivation and training of teachers and integration of the educational community, being evident the improvement of the activity and quality of the pedagogical function.

From a business perspective, the T-Solar Group strives to generate solid production and industrial units, generating wealth and quality employment, stable employment in any of the places where the company operates, contributing to the educational perspective previously outlined in The attainment of social goals or objectives that ultimately result in the improvement of the welfare state of all.

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