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Solar energy made in spain

23 November 2016

Spain is undoubtedly one of the countries most committed to the production of solar energy. And not only this, but it is in the first places of the ranking in terms of solar energy consumers.

According to a recent study, it is the second country, only behind Germany around the world and generating just over 10% of solar energy around the globe.

Much of the responsibility for these figures, which we must be proud of, is that of the T-Solar Group, thanks to its more than 50 photovoltaic solar power plants that it has in operation. The majority of these plants are located in Spain, distributed in areas with high solar radiation, such as Cordoba, among others.

The company aims to become one of the 3 largest independent producers of photovoltaic solar energy (IPP) in the markets in which it operates. For this it is necessary an internationalization process that contemplates projects like the one of Gunma.

Japan and the Asian continent are open to renewable energies by Spanish companies such as T-Solar.

Without a doubt, clean and sustainable energy driven by the strength of the sun is in luck.

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