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Responsible and supportive leadership

22 April 2020

Maintaining our CEO's practice of holding regular meetings with the entire company, Grupo T-Solar held a meeting via videoconference, in which all employees have participated.

Maintaining our CEO's practice of holding regular meetings with the entire company, Grupo T-Solar held a meeting via videoconference, in which all employees have participated.

We have had the opportunity to share the experiences livedin these days of confinement due to the COVID 19 health crisis, the adaptationto home office of each of the employees, as well as, to review the main activities, objectives and achievements of the company over the last four weeks.

There is a common opinion about the good work done and the professionalism of each and every oneof the team members, despite the common difficulties of combining work, domestic tasks, children and in some cases the loneliness of the home. It also stands out as positive to spend more time with the family despite the intense work.

After exposing each department the most relevant activitiesand matters, it becomes clear that, despite the many outstanding issues at the time the confinement began, all activity has been completed and in compliance with the established deadlines.

The photovoltaic and solar thermal power plants are producing energy without interruptions and all the teams are working together and coordinated, rowing hard to get out of the crisis. Protocols with preventive measures have been implemented in a very short time, the companies responsible for the operation and maintenance of the plants respond accordingly and the main activities are carried out in all work centers. In the frenetic activity of the development of new photovoltaic power plants, depending on the status of each project, the aim is to advance tasks as far as possible and no major delays in the project development deadlines are expected.

Each member of Grupo T-Solar feels more united, committed and in solidarity without turning the back on the crisis. During this month, the company has contributed with its funds to the one million mineral water bottles supply to 91 hospitals in the Community of Madrid, Castilla y León, Catalonia, Andalusia, Asturias, CastillaLa Mancha, Valencia, La Rioja and the Basque Country (Aurara #AguaparaHospitalsCOVID initiative). This solidarity has joined themain commitment to the development of a sustainable business with the aimof contributingto the reduction of carbon emissions for future generations, through the uninterrupted renewable energy production.

In these days of crisis, ESG debtissuance operations (green bonds) have increased by 21%, reaching 64 billion, where  Grupo T-Solar has also played a leading role with the largest green bond issuance, obtainingthe "Best Green Energy Bond Issuer"awardbya prestigious financial publication.

Without doubt, Grupo T-Solar’s strong commitment to its employees in terms ofwork-life conciliationhas contributed to home office working success, which is essential to achieving the desirable balance between business needs and employee well-being. Since 2019, Grupo T-Solar (GTS) has been actively working on implementing work-life balance measures that stablishthe foundations for home office working style and has been tested in this era of forced confinement - see the article: "The challenge of the labor conciliation in Grupo -TSolar" 

Every obstacle in the path is a lesson learned and strengthens us as a company to achieve our mission of contributing to a responsible, solidary and more sustainable leadership. - Bravo #TeamTsolar.

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