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New players

03 September 2018

Beyond any doubt, the energy sector is taking a great leap forward. Transition phase from fossil energy to green energy is in full juncture.

The new renewable energy ecosystems are integrated, in vibrant transformation, in intelligent IT circuits for calculation of the diverse needs such as distribution, transport, prices and other parameters that configure these technologies. Every day "new players" of very different sizes join this scenario attracted by the possibilities and business opportunities offered by this sector. These entities must try permanently to improve their competitiveness and efficiency in a market that is forecast to be highly competitive. "Maintaining the position” requires the presence at market events, in addition to updated company information, to offer innovative perspectives, promoting new business models could grant greater chances of success.

Grupo T-Solar does not keep aside to these trends, participating in the different forums, conferences, meetings, congresses and other sector events. As example its upcoming participation in the “Round Table: The New Players" in the next 3rd Energy Forum organized by El Economista magazine, in the "Decarbonization of Energy Event” promoted by the magazine Expansión with participation of the European Commission and the Ministry of Ecological Transition, or in the next “Renewable Energy Congress 2018” that will be organized by the Spanish Renewable Energy Association APPA with the assistance of authorities such as the Minister for the Ecological Transition, Mrs. Teresa Ribera and the European Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy Union, Mr. Miguel Arias Cañete, to be held next month of October.

The main theme of these events will be the analysis of the future of the energy sector, the players, the impact on the global economy and the energy transition.

Additionally, it is a fact, that renewable asset transactions are on rise. The sector opportunities are open to everybody. Exploit them requires new players to be qualified and informed in different matters such as legal, fiscal or technical and they should have financial muscle.

From the point of view of Grupo T-Solar CEO Marta Martínez Queimadelos, the main pillars for doing M&A transactions in the renewable sector are that companies have defined a clear objective consistent with their internal requirements and size, that an exhaustive due diligence process should be carried out, the need to have a clear negotiation strategy and to have defined in advance a well-designed asset integration plan to minimize risks and costs in this commercial transaction processes.


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