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New initiatives RSC

05 December 2019

Grupo T-Solar collaborates with the Association of Environmental Sciences (ACA), after closing a donation in 2019 for the project “Network of Information Points to the Energy Consumer” (PICE Network) for Spain.

The Association of Environmental Sciences (ACA) began this project in November (PICE Network) that will develop 5 training courses lasting 20 hours each in Castilla-La Mancha, Andalusia, Extremadura and the Canary Islands. The beginning of the courses will take place from the first quarter of 2020.


The project will train more than 125 professionals to become “social energy managers” and give them the tools to form a network of information points that empower and help citizens to undertake improvements in energy efficiency, reduce their energy vulnerability and save energy.


PICE Network has been one of the 55 projects selected at the national level in the 2019 call for the empleaverdeProgram (initiative of the Biodiversity Foundation) that aims to generate a great environmental and social impact in the regions where it will be developed.


The project is co-financed by the European Social Fund (ESF) through the Biodiversity Foundation of the Ministry for Ecological Transition


That is why Grupo T-Solar is proud to be able to collaborate with this project, not only through co-financing but also providing added value such as first-level knowledge in renewable energy and energy markets, to support the dissemination of the innovative nature of the project and its activities, and also of being able to collaborate on the contents of the courses and the project.


It is part of the collaborative DNA of Grupo T-Solar, its participation in projects that aim to achieve a green, clean and sustainable world. This project of the Association of Environmental Sciences, sponsored by high national and European organizations, justifies the need for its implementation in the face of the current lack of information on domestic energy management, the rise of self-consumption, and other consequences derived from climate change (buildings). Grupo T-Solar wishes to offer its collaboration and advice regarding the topics it considers relevant to promote human rights, such as actively combating energy poverty and trying to raise awareness about improving the efficient use of energy.

According to reports from the Association of Environmental Sciences, the causes of inefficient energy management of Spanish citizens are:

1. Citizens live in buildings that have very low energy efficiency. Almost 58% of existing buildings were built before there was a regulation that introduced energy efficiency criteria.
2. There is a huge lack of knowledge among citizens about aspects such as the rates they have hired in their energy supplies.
3. Increase in the cost of energy produced in the last decade.
4. Main objective of the project is to significantly reduce the energy vulnerability of these families.
5. In the European context, buildings represent around 40% of the final energy consumption of the EU and about 36% of CO2 emissions. The project is presented as a key to face this current climate crisis emergency.

Therefore, the objectives of the PICE project are:

1. Train professionals from different fields to acquire the necessary tools to act as “social energy managers”.
2. Empowering citizens to take part in the solution to environmental (climate change), social (energy poverty) and economic (waste and energy dependence) problems.
3. Generation of various, direct and indirect, green employment opportunities.

More information about the project, courses, dates, thematic blocks to be taught, places, etc.
Energy Poverty in Spain. Towards a system of indicators and a state action strategy (ACA, 2018)
If you are interested in enrolling in the courses, please contactus so we can inform you about the entire processin detail.

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