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Italy o "the Penisola Apenina"

28 November 2017

Strong commitment of the Italian country with photovoltaic energy.

The Italian government began approximately fifty years ago (oil crisis of the seventies of the last century) its plans of energy conversion from fossil energy to renewable energy.

 "The Italian government has approved a new national energy plan that allocates more than 85 billion lire (seven billion pesetas) to energy investments. The goal of the program is to reduce dependence on imported oil, "El País reports in December 1981.

In 1988 a new National Energy Plan (PEN) was established. In the nineties, electric power was liberalized. In 1991, this liberalization concerns both conventional and renewable sources. In 1993 the photovoltaic plant of Serre in Persano (Campania) with a power of 3.3 MW was built.

The following graph shows the evolution of photovoltaic production, as of that date.

→ Italy accumulates a total of 15.9 GW. of photovoltaic capacity, reports the Italian Energy Agency (GSE) and collects PV-TECH in October 2012.

→ Italy accumulated a total of 17,928 MW of PV in 2013, according to EPIA GLOBAL MARKET OUTLOOK FOR PHOTOVOLTAICS 2014-2018.

→ Italy accumulates 18,920 MW of photovoltaic power in 2015 according to SNAPSHOT OF GLOBAL PV MARKETS-IEA PVPS, ranking second in the European ranking behind Germany.

→ Italy will reach 19,160 MW of cumulative solar capacity in 2016, as published by COMPUTER WORD in Dec 2016: "Italy is expected to occupy the fifth place (in the global rankig) in 2016 with an installed cumulative solar capacity of 19.16 GW" .

→ SOLAR POWER EUROPE 2017 corroborates the fifth worldwide position reached by Italy in terms of PV accumulated at the end of 2016, with a 6.2% share of the global total.

→ Italy is the EU-28 country, which in 2015 contributes the most with PV to the coverage of electricity demand, with 7.82% being the EU average of 4%, according to Global Market Outlook For Solar Power 2016-2020.


→ In the first of the graphs and in the following one, it is observed that during 2010 2011 and 2012 when Italy takes off as European and world power in photovoltaic energy, stabilizing thereafter with slight annual increases.

→ A web page that we consider very interesting for the subject that concerns us, turns out to be a legambiente

→ Additions / increases of PV in Italy increased by 23% in 2016, although the absolute amount remained quite low (369 MW), according to Global Market Outlook For Solar Power / 2017 - 2021.

→ As we said in the previous article, according to the growth perspectives (for European countries) and the different scenarios for the next five years made by Solar Power Europe: "logically, it will be the countries that have already reached the highest levels of accumulated power, that have lower growth rates, such as Germany, Italy or the United Kingdom (UK). "

→ Binding national (Italian) targets established for 2020 (according to SIMERI, Renewable Energy Monitoring System (FER) administered by GSE), are:

  17% of the final gross consumption of energy covered by renewable sources.

  10% of final energy consumption in the transport sector covered by renewable sources.

From among the 48 plants that the T-Solar group currently has installed in three continents, the 8 installed in Italy are included and that suppose a production of 7 MWp.


"According to figures published by the Italian Energy Agency GSE, Italy has 448,266 photovoltaic plants currently in operation that benefit from the Conto Energia V incentive program in the country. In total, the plants have a combined photovoltaic capacity of 15.9 GW, "reports PV-Tech in Oct. 2012

As an introduction to the examination of the distribution of photovoltaic energy production according to the system of Italian provinces and regions, we summarize a study-report issued by the GSE where production variations are monitored in the last two years 2015 -16, through a comparative study between a global sample and a subset of it. That the results show slight figures of decrease does not have significant repercussion: "non costituirebbe di per sé a fortemente anomalous walk".

The GSE (Gestore Servizi Energetici) is responsible for controlling the diffusion of photovoltaic plants in Italy and publishes each year the "Statistical-Solar Photovoltaic Report".

In January 2017, it publishes a report titled: Preliminary analysis of photovoltaic production in Italy in 2016 (Comparison between January-November 2016 and January-November 2015) where it evaluates or monitors the performance of its photovoltaic plants installed at the end of 2014. takes as a sample a total of 479,849 plants in different Italian regions.

a) Samples of the study: The analysis of the sample of the 479,849 plants was replicated in a subset consisting only of plants with power greater than 55 KW.

"The subset selected consists of 25,482 plants with a capacity of approximately 7 GW, which represents 5% of the plants in operation in Italy as of December 31, 2015 and 40% of their capacity".

b) Results of the study: "The study shows that in the first eleven months of 2016 the production of the selected sample fell by 4.6% compared to 2015, from 8.3 TWh to 7.9 TWh."

"In general, the measures-data received give a general picture in which, the production of the photovoltaic plants subject to analysis (significant samples of facilities that are in operation before December 31, 2014) seem to have decreased in the first eleven months of 2016 of approximately 4.3-4.6% over the same period of 2015. "

"The observed trends (in the subset) are similar to those in the larger sample."



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