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Investment flows in renewable energies

30 May 2017

That the use of renewable energies has taken on a planetary role in recent decades is a fact.

And we believe that not only because of its undoubted character of clean and sustainable energies, but also because of the reading of data related to the investment flows that are being carried out, it can be inferred that they are also profitable energies from the point of view of Economic view for the countries that adopt them.

At the global level and with respect to this process of economic investment, some of the data that we have examined are the following:

A. According to Technological Source:

  • Solar Energy is the renewable technology that received the most investment in the world during 2015, with 161,000 million dollars (81,000 for developed countries + 80,000 for developing countries), with a 12% increase over the previous year.
  • It is followed by Wind Energy with 109,000 million (42,000 developed countries + 67,000 developing countries) and an increase of 4% compared to 2014.
  • Biomass + Waste Energy receive 6,000 million (3,900 + 2,100), with a clear decrease of 42% with respect to the previous year.
  • Small hydroelectric plants with 3.9 billion (0.100 + 3.800), with a decrease of 29% compared to 2014.
  • Biofuels, Geothermal and Oceanic as other technological sources, receive even smaller amounts and also with sharp declines compared to the previous year.

  • Solar: 161
  • Eólica: 109
  • Biomasa + Residual: 6
  • Pequeñas hidroeléctricas: 3,9
  • Biocombustibles: 2,2
  • Geotérmica: 2
  • Oceánica: 0,2

 B. According to Region-Country

  • US with 44.1 billion dollars,
  • Brazil with US $ 7.1 billion 
  • Rest of America with 12,800 million

Distribution in the American continent of investment flows in electricity and renewables. If we consider the other regions:

  • Africa and the Middle East with 12.5 billion investment in 2015
  • India with 10.2 billion
  • Europe with 48,800 million
  • China with 102.9 billion
  • Asia-Pacific (excluding China and India) with 47.6 billion

C. According to a division between developed countries

(Blue in the table) and other developing countries to which China + Brazil + India (gray in the table) are added and considering the evolution during the years 2005-2015, the data Investment function in billions of dollars - we find are:

Perhaps one of the highlights of the examination of this table is the fact that during the last year evaluated (2015), the hegemony or the trend in the investment held by the developed countries is reversed in favor of the countries on process of development. If we dwell on the investment made by China in the previous point, we may explain this new hegemony.

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