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Grupo T-Solar’ s commitment to environmental and social sustainability

27 August 2018

Due to its activity, Grupo T-Solar plays an important role in terms of environmental sustainability.

Its commitment to clean energy brings some facts that make the company proud. In terms of clean electricity, the company generates more than 641 GWh per year, and avoids more than 155,370 metric tons of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. The generated clean energy is equivalent to the reforestation of more than 9,270,000 trees and an average electricity consumption of approximately 540,000 inhabitants.

Additionally, and under the objective of strengthening its commitment with local communities, Grupo T-Solar has been developing various projects since 2011. So far this year, Grupo T-Solar has supported the initiative of the Spanish association ACADI (Alhena Intellectual Disability Support Centre) in the eleventh edition of Earth Hour, the largest campaign of global mobilization against climate change (global blackout). The Spanish city council of Alcalá de Henares joined this Earth Hour edition and organized an event with participation of Grupo T-Solar. The city council turned off the lights of the central Cervantes square (where the University and the city council itself are located). The aim of this event was to promote social awareness of all participants and, with Grupo T-Solar’s support, ACADI distributed informative leaflets with “Tips to Save Energy” to all participants and collected "Messages to the Sun" with environmental commitments. The purpose of this collaboration was to obtain funds for the acquisition of a new access platform at ACADI’s Support Centre to improve accessibility for the disabled.

Also, since April 2018, Grupo T-Solar is the ambassador of the AUARA project, a water brand with social purposes. The awareness of the preservation of the planet, the protection of vulnerable groups and the fight against the water crisis, are the objectives of AUARA joined by Grupo T-Solar in a double way: supplying a good of first necessity such as water to the most disadvantaged and reducing the environmental impact caused by plastic bottling.

In past years, the company has also collaborated with diverse NGOs focused on education and cooperation with vulnerable groups such as children; supporting meal scholarships at Spanish schools, collaborating annually with the alliance of children funds in Peru for the improvement of educational institutions, providing school materials, school furniture and teacher. Additionally, Grupo T-Solar has sponsored sports events with the Spanish Association for the Promotion of Adapted Sports and has participated in the 100 km solidarity race for Africa.

Without any doubt, these actions of Grupo T-Solar carried out with the aim to improve environmental and social sustainability are increasing year by year and are expected to be continued with participations/ developments of new projects to reinforce this commitment.

The CEO of Grupo T-Solar, Marta Martínez Queimadelos, explains: "We are pioneers in generating photovoltaic energy, we want to grow and lead the renewable sector in a responsible way and strengthen even further our commitment to the environmental and social sustainability that are part of our corporate strategy".

Regarding the corporate responsibility policy, she adds: " we have never neglected the environment or the local communities where we have our solar plants located, we carry out the reforestation of land by planting local species of trees and shrubs around the perimeter of our plants and protect the native fauna. We work closely with our communities and have agreements with international schools and universities to organize active trainings and awareness about renewable energies "affirms Marta Martínez Queimadelos.


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