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Grupo T-Solar: First operational photovoltaic portfolio in Spain. "Solar Asset Management Europe 2019".

15 July 2019

Grupo T-Solar ranks first among the operational solar portfolios in the Spanish national ranking.

“El Periódico de la Energía”, written by JA Roca, published on June 4, 2019, an article entitled "The 10 largest portfolios of solar energy in Europe in 2018". He also published another on August 8, 2017 under the title "The 10 largest photovoltaic owners in Europe".

In both articles, it refers to the rankings issued by Solar Plaza / Solar Asset Management Europe.

If in the year 2017 it stated: "in the 29th (occupying the second place among the Spanish companies, our note) is Grupo T-Solar, with 168 MW, 16 MW more than in the previous year ..."

In 2018 he writes: "As a prelude to Solar Asset Management Europe 2019, Solar Plaza has published a ranking that includes the 50 main European operational solar portfolios and summarizes the most important developments in the market. The Spanish ones, Grupo T-Solar and Acciona Energy, are ranked 26 and 39 with 274 MW and 107 MW, respectively. " That is, Grupo T-Solar ranks first among the operational solar portfolios of our country. We understand that the MW of the Solar Thermal plants purchased recently by Grupo T-Solar would not be accounted for. It goes without saying that the company manages a greater number of MW in its portfolio if we admit plants located on four continents.

We note that Spain occupies the 5th place among European countries with 468.88 MW of operational photovoltaic, of which 274 MW correspond to our company, as the first player.

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