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Grupo T-Solar and its support for the #EarthHour2018 campaign

27 March 2018

The temperature of the planet continues its increase and its threat to both species and natural spaces is increasingly higher.

In 2017, a new record of CO2 concentration in the atmosphere was obtained. The World Meteorological Organization warned in its annual bulletin of a "dangerous increase in global temperature".
It had been three million years since such high levels of greenhouse gas were produced. In addition, the temperature could rise to more than four degrees by the end of the century, according to estimates by WWF and other entities, if carbon emissions are not stopped.
That is why on Saturday March 24 was held the eleventh edition of Earth Hour, the largest campaign of global mobilization against climate change.

The initiative of the World Forum for Nature (WWF), under the slogan this year #EarthHour2018, requested a global blackout from 20:30 in the afternoon and encouraged all participants to disclose the concrete causes by which they add up to the event.

With this motive of the Global Blackout against Climate Change, the T-Solar Group sponsored the initiative of the association ACADI (Alhena Center of Support for Intellectual Disability) in an event organized by the City Council of Alcalá de Henares, where this institution put out some lights in Plaza Cervantes (where the University and the consistory itself are located). Apart from the blackout, greater social awareness was fostered by all those present: at its stand, ACADI distributed information leaflets with "Tips to save energy" with the help of the T-Solar Group and "Messages to the Sun" were collected to the environment.  

And to complete its policy of donations, thanks to the contribution of the T-Solar Group, for  this girl a new ramp of accesed to the ACADI association will be made so shewill not have so much difficulty when she wants to go to the center. The emotion was evident in her face.

Until next April 13 the T-Solar Group will continue with the diffusion and divulgation of tips to save energy in local schools.


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