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Grupo T-Solar, an example of a Spanish renewable energy generation company with more than 12 years of experience in the sector

12 March 2020

Interview with Marta Martínez Queimadelos, co-founder and CEO of Grupo T-Solar.

Grupo T-Solar, a leading Spanish company in the production of renewable energy, has a solid track record of more than 12 years in the development and operation of solar power plants (photovoltaic and solar thermal). The company started its activity in 2007 with the development of photovoltaic parks in Spain. T-Solar made the leap to become international in 2010, with the installation of new plants in Italy. Currently, the company has developed more than 400 solar MW distributed among Spain, Italy, Peru, Japan, the USA and India.

Since 2017, after the acquisition by the specialized infrastructure fund, I Squared Capital, T-Solar has focused on its expansion in the European market, where 92% of its renewable assets are concentrated. Specifically, in Spain and Italy the company operates 45 photovoltaic plants and 2 solar thermal plants, which encompass a total of 274 green megawatts.

T-Solar, in these 13 years of life, has managed more than 1,900 million euros of investment in solar power plants, regulated and environmentally friendly assets that have led it to invoice 173 million euros in 2019. Regarding energy generation, last year the company has avoided the emission of more than 213,000 tons of CO2, equivalent to the reforestation of 12,650,000 trees, thanks to the generation of more than 595 gigawatt hours of clean electricity.

Currently, the company's objective is to consolidate its leadership position in the European market by developing a broad portfolio of Greenfield photovoltaic projects in Spain and Italy, one of the company's main lines of business since its inception.

Marta Martínez Queimadelos, co-founder and CEO of Grupo T-Solar, reveals the company's trajectory and strategy.

T-Solar has just completed the largest refinancing in the renewable energy market. Where will the funds go?

T-Solar has completed the largest refinancing in the renewable energy sector for an amount of 567.8 million euros, which have been used to refinance 23 photovoltaic projects with a combined installed power of 127 megawatts throughout Spain. This refinancing has obtained the Green Evaluation rating by Standard and Poor’s, with the highest score given by this agency, a sample of the solvency and growth prospects that the company has. In addition, a major international institution has awarded us the award for "Best European Green Energy Bond Issuer 2020", which makes us very proud of this funding.

What is the strategy to be followed by the company in the coming years?

The ultimate objective of our strategy is to be the leading company in energy production in southern Europe, mainly in Spain and Italy, dedicating ourselves to the development of a broad portfolio of Greenfield photovoltaic projects. Our vision of a more sustainable future, thanks to the reduction of carbon emissions, consolidates us as a benchmark company. The environment and the fight against climate change are a fundamental part of T-Solar's corporate strategy, which we fulfill by identifying, evaluating, mitigating and avoiding any negative environmental impact of our projects on the environment.

Does T-Solar have a system to monitor the performance and safety of power plants?

We have an Energy Management Center (EMC), the core of technical management, which allows us to carry out real monitoring 24 hours a day and remote control of all our plants. This centralization, in addition to reducing the operating cost, produces synergies in their management. The EMC is equipped with the latest computer technology and a reliable telecommunications infrastructure, approved by - Red Eléctrica de España - to provide additional control services. By continuously monitoring and improving the performance of power plants, we ensure early failure detection, helping to maintain the highest level of energy production and, at the same time, ensuring a long-term return on investment. The analysis of historical data allows us to optimize the performance of the plants in operation and helps us in the design of new projects.

How does T-Solar see the future of the renewable energy sector?

We are absolutely convinced that renewable energy will prevail as one of the main sources in the energy mix.

We are still in the process of maturing, moving from a subsidy model to a totally competitive world, free of subsidies for such energy. In this maturation process of the sector, there may be ups and downs, different factors entering, new competitors, etc. From our company we are clear that we must think long-term to ensure that ours is a sustainable business plan, and guarantee the success of our projects by applying the highest ethical standards and principles.

What is T-Solar's commitment to sustainability and promotion of CSR actions?

In addition to launching different social initiatives with annual activities, in 2018 we applied for adherence to the United Nations Global Compact as an associated signatory entity, incorporating universal principles in the field of human rights, labor, anti-corruption and the environment into business sustainability standards. We also collaborate with different NGOs in energy supply, water and social projects focused on the most vulnerable groups. Among its employees, T-Solar promotes personal development plans, carries out social volunteer actions annually, and we have implemented measures of gender equality and conciliation as a company with a distinctive conciliation efr (family-responsible company) granted by - Fundación MásFamilia - and endorsed by the Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare of Spain.

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