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Grupo T- Solar: A New Era in Solar Responsibility

12 June 2018

Grupo T-solar is a producer renewable energy and since its foundation in 2006 has managed to develop and build profitable and environmentally-friendly renewable assets.

The company has moreover managed to position itself as one of the main solar power generators, with an installed capacity of 392 MWp in 53 renewable power plants generating clean electricity in six countries on three continents. With a total investment of more than €1.5 billion, the group operates large solar plants (PV and CSP) that generate over 641 GWh of clean electricity a year, equivalent to the average annual electricity consumption of a population of around 540,000 inhabitants.
As Marta Martínez Queimadelos, CEO of Grupo T-Solar, explains: "We are pioneers in PV power generaion. Our aim is to grow and lead the renewable sector responsibly, further strengthening our commitment to social and environmental sustainability as part of our corporate strategy".
A closer look at the trajectory of Grupo T-Solar reveals some sifnificant achievements. In 2008, the company developed and constructed 144 MW in Spain in just one year. Between 2010 and 2012 the internationalisation of the company started, with eight projects in Italy. Grupo T-Solar was one of the first European companies to achieve success in the Indian PV market and one of the few companies to have been awarded 44 MW of PV capacity at public auction in Peru. From 2013 to 2016 the company entered the US market, successfully bringing together the tax equity investor with a project finance debt for a 30 MW PV project in California. 2016 also marked the start of commissioning of a 31.2 MW PV project in Japan. 
As from 2017, and specifically, since it became part of the portfolio of companies of I Squared Capital, an independent investment fund in global infrastructures, Grupo T-Solar has managed to increase its renewable portfolio by 37%. It has refinanced a portfolio of 34 MW in Spain with project bonds amounting to €118.4m. The company has also acquired five new projects in operation in Spain, where it has strengthened its position of leadership yet further, diversifyng its generation base with a different solar technology.
Over these years, "we have never ceased caring for the environment or for the local communities in wich our solar plants are situated. We have reforested the land, planting local species of trees and shrubs all around the perimeter of our plants, protecting the native fauna. In addition, we are firmly committed to our local communities, closely collaborating with social initiatives to protect the most vulnerable groups. We also have agreements with schools and universities to organise active training and raise awareness reading renewable energy, as well as helping educational institutions with materials and equipment to improve school conditions for children and teenagers. Grupo T-Solar has embarked on a new era in corporate solar responsibility" affirms Marta Martinez.

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