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Good practice of Grupo T-Solar in matters of equality

05 March 2019

On the occasion of the celebration of the week for gender equality, the good practice in matters on equality of Grupo T-Solar has been published

Grupo T-Solar, a company led by a female CEO, considers that it is really important to create opportunities for the development of talent among its employees on equal terms, and to facilitate access to training in our company for young people. As an example of this, from its creation in 2008 until today, it has achieved that, more than 48% of the employess are women, and that its Management Committee is composed of a "relevant percentage" of 40% of women. To create such opportunities and promote gender equality in the company, Grupo T-Solar has implemented the "Talent Development" program awarding scholarships for young university students, with 55% of the winners of these scholarships being women. In addition to this, four internship for the university students were created with a semester rotation, in order to give them the opportunity to launch their professional career. At Grupo T-Solar, we strongly support equal opportunities, we encourage teamwork and the talent development without any kind of discrimination. Our belief is that knowledge, together with innovation and implementation of initiatives, contribute to improving the professionalism and motivation of people in their work environment.

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