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Good Practice and Environmental Commitment

03 June 2019

Grupo T-Solar has been selected again by the Spanish Network of the Global Compact as an example of good practice, this time for a quantifiable commitment that affects the Environment within the energy sector.

Last March the Spanish Network of the Global Compact selected a good practice of Grupo T-Solar in terms of equality, and now it is time to reward the company again for its actions carried out in the interests of a commitment to the environment. It should be noted that the company, leader in renewable energies of solar photovoltaic origin, opens its photovoltaic plants to shepherds of the adjoining regions so that their flocks of sheep can graze in the facilities, producing a beneficial and sustainable effect for both parts as shepherds obtain more grass for their sheep without additional cost and Grupo T-Solar manages to maintain the vegetation at acceptable levels without the need to use machinery that consumes fuel, also supporting with this measure the reduction of CO2 emissions. At present the photovoltaic plants of Grupo T-Solar occupy a total of 671.33 hectares in Spain, of which almost 30% are ceded to the pasture of sheep, in 2018 the number of hectares of pasture for sheep increased by 13% when 2 new plants were added to this type of agreement. This initiative is part of the company's strategy to generate and provide renewable energy from solar radiation, a non-polluting and unlimited resource that does not produce CO2 emissions and has a limited environmental impact, as well as using its resources in a sustainable manner and the continuous search to reduce their energy consumption to contribute to the preservation of the environment and stop climate change. Additionally, the activity of Grupo T-Solar maintains a preventive and continuous monitoring focus of its plants to favor the implementation of possible improvements that favor the environment. The environmental commitment of Grupo T-Solar, in particular, translates into policies that comply with the most demanding international standards and apply to all our operations. Grupo T-Solar works especially in the improvement of the environmental quality of the communities in which it is present.


You can see the Good Practice in ODS 13 on the occasion of the Week Climate Change in this link: Pasture of sheep in Solar Power Plants

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