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Genera 2019 and the concentrated solar power

11 March 2019

From February 26 to March 1, in Hall 3 of Madrid fair, GENERA 2019, the International Fair of Energy and Environment, has been held, organized by IFEMA and IDAE (Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving).

114 companies from eight countries participated: Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, China, France, Greece, Italy and the Netherlands.

To a wide array of technological innovations: new solar panels models, smart modular batteries, improvements in storage systems, bifacial modules, sensor technologies and other proposals for self-consumption, are added, in a parallel way, TECHNICAL DAYS, whose program can be read here:

This program, full of presentations (APPA, UNEF, CIEMAT, OECC, ICOG, ASIT, A3e and others) about topics of the most outstanding current in energy transition, R & D, renewable (including photovoltaic) and self-consumption, we want to review the dedicated to the other side of the production activity of the T-Solar Group: Concentrated Solar Power (CSP).

Currently, our country is developing the two main legislative pillars of its future energy policy:

The Integrated National Plan for Energy and Climate (NECP).

This is an European mandate for all member countries, during the period 2021-2030 and aimed at complying with the Paris agreements (decarbonisation).

See the article by Javier García Breva 27/02/19,

This same author, gave a presentation in GENERA 2019.

Law of Climate Change and Energy Transition.

Recently has been published a report prepared by the Committee of Experts on scenarios of the energy transition, created by the Council of Ministers at its meeting of July 7, 2017, as well as a summary report published by the UNEF.

We bring these last data to collation, since PROTERMOSOLAR (Spanish Association for the Promotion of CSP Industry) and driven by its president Luis Crespo (cited above as a speaker also in GENERA 2019) has presented a study: "Energy Transition of the electric sector, Horizon 2030", where an alternative proposal is proposed to that presented by the aforementioned Committee of Experts.

We will briefly compare both proposals. A more detailed evaluation can be found on PROTERMOSOLAR websites (February 2019).

"It is expected that the need (which our country will have in the immediate future) to meet the demand for electricity from sunset, (...) from the late afternoon sun to the next day's dawn, (...) is covered by CSP, (...) that in the last contest held in Dubai was imposed over the offer of the new combined cycles "according to Luis Crespo in his publication" The Year of the takeoff of Concentrated Solar Power and the recognition of its value ", On FuturEnergy (1/12/2018).

In that article, this author presents some of the data from the report ENERGY TRANSITION OF THE ELECTRIC SECTOR, HORIZON 2030: "Protermosolar chose a fleet of renewables with exactly the same power as the one from the Committee of Experts, but splitting between photovoltaic (25 GW) and CSP (20 GW ) the approximate solar power corresponding to the photovoltaic (47 GW) in the base case of said report ".

The data eminently technical of methodology and validation in the preparation of the Horizon 2030 report can be evaluated on the web. Here we summarize some of the conclusions (comparative) of the report:

The costs of implementing this new generation mix, as well as increases in employability, GDP increase, stability of existing facilities, regional convergence and other benefits are also included.

Whether in integrated business units or as independent units but integrated into a country's electricity system, the complementarity between the two technologies of solar energy: PV (photovoltaic) and CSP is presented as one of the alternatives with more projection to be the source of future electricity, which contributes to the trend of unbeatable prices for other technologies, whether conventional or renewable.

The last echoes of this Genera-CSP binomial, we recorded them on the website of Renewable Energies: "Innovation in CSP matters comes to Genera from the National Renewable Energy Center" (01/03/2019).

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