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Gender Equality Act

22 August 2018

Equality, despite being innate, has not always been respected. Patriarchal society relegated the woman raising children and be a wife, changing that reality is still a pending task. Women joined the labour market and today, in the XXI century, this incorporation keeps an unstoppable advance.

The legislation has had to collaborate to transform a photograph -in black and white - that begins to lose definition. The Gender Equality Act of 2007 established that the State General Administration and the public institutions linked or bound, would be responsible for observing the principle of balanced presence in the designation that corresponded to be made in the company’s board of directors and in the capital participation. A balanced presence that, to be achieved, should prevent either women or men from exceeding 60% of the total. However, more than a decade later, a report from the CIVIO foundation concludes that 80% of public companies still do not have the quotes established by the 2007 Act.

The private sector has always enjoyed greater liberty in the recruitment decisions, but the current data, set at 22% the rate of women who are part of the Board of Directors and this has activated State Interventionism.

Recently, the government of Pedro Sanchez has registered a Law with the purpose to increase this percentage until it reaches at least 30% share, included in the Code of Good Governance of the CNMV - National Securities Market Commission, with focus on the 40% share fixed by the European Commission.

Different media reflect the situation in our neighbour countries nowadays: as examples, the presence of women in Board of Directors stands at 38% in France, 36% in Sweden, 33% in Italy or 27% in Germany.

Central government dates the presence of women in Spanish private companies. The year 2023 is the stablished limit. This information was revealed during the intervention of the Minister of Equality, Ms Carmen Calvo, at the closing ceremony of the second edition of the Women to Watch program of PwC, in which also Marta Martinez Queimadelos, CEO of Grupo T-Solar participated. Marta Martínez Queimadelos is part of that 22% share of women whose companies opt for parity.

Grupo T-Solar, an international company founded and based in Spain, is an example of those companies that do not distinguish by being woman or man. Its Board of Directors is composed of more than 40% of women. Marta Martinez Queimadelos is co-founder of Grupo T-Solar, belongs to Women CEO association and belongs to the Board Member Association ICA (Institute of Counsellors - Administrators). Grupo T-Solar and Marta Martínez Queimadelos represent an example of equality that should prevail in the business landscape.

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