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Friendship. Spain & Japan

05 April 2017

The bilateral relations between Spain and Japan have enjoyed excellent health for hundreds of years.

A long history of exchange based on a series of common points: the Spanish Royal House and the Imperial Nippon House with numerous mutual visits and shared values. The Japanese and Spanish peoples always had a great cultural and affective affinity. Sample of solidarity and support was, the award to the so-called Heroes of Fukushima Prince of Asturias award in 2011.

The economic, commercial, tourist, political and cultural spaces are mutually reinforced by the collaboration between these two great countries which are Japan and Spain.
Early in 1978 was the introduction in Spain of the figure of the Japanese playwright Yukio Mishima, through the Spanish psychiatrist Vallejo-Najera, who published the novel "Mishima or the pleasure of dying."

In 2008 the Kings of Spain inaugurated the Headquarters of the Instituto Cervantes in Tokyo.

"2013-2014, Year of Japan in Spain" was the commemoration of the 400th anniversary of the embassy Keicho, commanded by ambassador and samurai Hasekura Tsunenaga, during his visit to Philip III.

And it also provided the right momentum for the alliance between Spanish and Japanese companies in energy, telecommunications and infrastructures. The areas of joint research in science and technology, as well as in the university field, were also strengthened. Numerous forums of meeting and tables of mutual dialogue of the highest instances are established.

Special attention is given to the alliances between Spanish and Japanese companies in Renewable Energies, Telecommunications and Water Treatment.

In the field of renewable energies are the Termo Solar in Andalusia and Extremadura and Photovoltaic in Tenerife, which were most favored.

In sum, this very long and durable space for joint relations is compounded by the presence of a very stable political framework and the existence of high potential growth sectors for business cooperation, making Japan (3rd world GDP) a partner of Great strategic interest for our country.

Within this extended area of ​​friendly bilateral relations, the SSMM state travels the Kings of Spain to the Land of the Rising Sun is included between the 4 th and 7 th of April.

The 26th meeting of the Spanish-Japanese Bilateral Committee will be held in Tokyo on April 6, 2017, to be inaugurated by His Majesty King Felipe VI.

This bilateral meeting has been organized by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with ICEX España Exportación e Inversiones, together with the CEOE.

Likewise, on the occasion of this visit of the Royal Spanish House, important activities will take place for the bilateral relations between the two countries, organized by the Spanish Embassy in Japan.

Among these activities will be presented several successful projects by Spanish companies in Japan, one of which corresponds to T-Solar with the construction and start of production of a 31.2 MW Photovoltaic Plant in Gunma, (located in the city of Takayama And operational from October 2016), which will generate an energy of 34 GWh / year, enough to supply with electricity a city of 15,000 inhabitants avoiding the emission of 12,000 tons of CO2 per year.

Close this news with the vote or longing that these fruitful relations between our two great countries have their reflection in the different forums and strategic areas that are projected towards the future.

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