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Debate on Energy Transition

11 September 2018

On September 6th the business conference 3rd Energy Forum about the “National Energy and Climate Plan" organized by El Economista took place, with the goal of bringing together various small groups of experts forming discussion round tables moderated by an EY representative.

In the discussion round table about “The role of renewables for the energy transition", representatives of the renewable energy sector addressed some issues such as the possibility of a 100% renewable scenario, how to boost self-consumption considering system costs and the growing demand for green energy by consumers. Regarding renewable project finance, current scenario and PPA contract development were discussed. Under this aspect the CEO of Grupo T-Solar, Marta Martínez Queimadelos stated: "The financing of future projects is the main obstacle faced by companies, since clean technologies prices are reaching levels in which it is difficult to get a profitability, especially with the current market models. Remuneration systems have evolved fast, but technology is growing even faster. Maybe the application of long-term contracts (PPA) can compensate remuneration deficiencies of the market”.



Some of the conclusions to this debate can be summarized as that Spanish companies support a fair and orderly energy transition process, which allows to capture around 70,000 million euros investment until 2030 and that there is a need for a clear horizon for a proper market planning and visibility. Under this point of view, there are many doubts about the current auction system of being able to meet the goal of installing 4,000 MW needed to meet the objectives set by the EU at 2030, as reflected by some interventions. Finally, the experts also demanded a greater public support and investment in R & D to boost the process of energy transition.

The CEO of Grupo T-Solar, Marta Martínez Queimadelos, concluded at the end of the event: "We have attended an energy transition conference in which I have had the pleasure of listening to very relevant experts with a very thorough knowledge of the energy market, which is very complex. I have been able to say, and I’m convinced of it, that Grupo T-Solar, a company dedicated exclusively to solar energy, is in the right sector at the right moment, because we do visualize a 100% renewable future despite all the complexities that have been expressed in this forum and that will have to be taken into account in the future.

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