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Clean energy and sustainability: a solid binomial

25 November 2016

Grupo T-Solar adds and continues to contribute to environmental sustainability by remaining firm in its commitment to combine the economic profitability of its activity with an unquestionable commitment to the environment and the development of the environment.

Electricity generation with the photovoltaic technology applied in Gunma, Takayama, Japan, is clean, quiet and can reduce a total of 12,000 tons of CO2 each year. Specifically. The clean energy produced by the Gunma plant will be 34 GWh.

The construction of photovoltaic plants of Grupo T-Solar is carried out in accordance with the strict criteria of respect for the environment. In the case of Gunma, the plant was built within 15 months by Isolux Engineering G.K., a Japanese subsidiary of Isolux Ingeniería.

In its renewable challenge, the T-Solar Group demonstrates once again with the construction of this new plant in the Japanese country, its commitment inescapable with the necessary environmental conditions due to the citizens.

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