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Christmas wishes

18 December 2018

Precious days are coming: Christmas and New Year. It is time to show the best of human beings, expression of love for the family and the desires of prosperity and happiness for all.


Grupo T-Solar is happy to use this opportunity to express our best wishes filled with health and happiness for all its employees, friends, collaborators and people of good will.

This Christmas our company will send Christmas cards which reflects our collaboration with one of the most prestigious NGOs worldwide, for its humanitarian activity: Doctors without Borders - Médicos Sin Fronteras (MSF). For more information: Doctors without Borders- Médicos sin Fronteras

With the aim of raising funds, MSF proposed a Christmas campaign  to which Grupo T-Solar has joined.

Grupo T-Solar has decided donating to MSF the amount dedicated to Christmas gifts to join the challenge of saving the lives of many people trapped in emergency situations and that Grupo T-Solar carries out under the constant commitment to society and the most disadvantaged communities in the framework of our corporate social responsibility policy.

We are very happy to share with all our decision to collaborate with Doctors without Borders- Medicos Sin Fronteras, because there is no better gift than life. Thank you.

Merry Christmas. Happy New Year 2019.



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