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Beyond the differences. Strengthening consciences and social commitment

28 November 2018

Grupo T-Solar has the solid conviction that the culture of sustainability is growing and develops itself in the core of more and more companies for which it has the firm intention of collaborating adopting and applying environmental, social and good governance practices in its business environment.

The discharge of the business activity of Grupo T-Solar is based on the establishment of policies and internal management systems focused on regulatory and sustainable fulfilment, the proactive development and implementation of corporate initiatives that create a positive impact beyond professional and human terms, also including the appropriate industrial, economic, financial and environmental conditions in the countries where the company operates.

Grupo T-Solar culture of sustainability also represents a commitment to sustainable, honest and transparent management for the time in which we live and with the reality that surrounds us as the reality of our neighboring communities to the facilities in the countries where Grupo T-solar operates. Grupo T-Solar, where it is intended to develop lasting and responsible relationships. Several collaborative social projects focused mainly on education have been launched (teacher training, school supplies for schools, collaborations with universities, open days for students) and projects that bring energy supply sources to isolated areas (nowadays mainly focused on Spain and Peru).

A recent example is the initiative "Clean Energy so the Sun does not go out", community social program of people with functional (intellectual) diversity in collaboration with the Association ACADI - Alhena Center for Support of Intellectual Disability in Alcalá de Henares, Spain. The goal of this program was the renewable energies awareness through actions carried out by people with disabilities aimed at the community of Alcalá. The benefits have been multiple, but we highlight:

Raise awareness about the differences and difficulties of the disabled group, strengthening consciences and social commitment.

The work of people with disabilities has been an opportunity to add responsibilities, be critical, active and committed to their environment.

The Renewable Energies promoted the participation in a problem of the city through events scheduled in public spaces of the city and training and education centers.

The feeling of belonging to the community was fostered.

One of the events where our ACADI and Grupo T-Solar colleagues were present was due to the global blackout that took place in Plaza de Cervantes in Alcalá de Henares and that we discussed in our article dated August 27, 2018, under the title: "Grupo T-Solar’s commitment to environmental and social sustainability".

The training and education centers that collaborated and to which we are very grateful were: the APHISA Association, the Pablo Picasso Special Education Public School, the Astor Occupational Center and El Molino as well as the CCOO Training Center.

The actions carried out within the program were:

Distribution of leaflets with "10 Tips to save energy" in the "XI Edition of the Earth Hour" (24/03/2018) initiative of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) that aimed to raise awareness about climate change,and the loss of biodiversity and the meeting "Environment Day" (09/06). 

"Messages to the Sun" Action, open call for messages to be written on cards that reflect the importance of the environment and specifically the sun as a source of clean energy. Finally, all the cards collected were part of an Artistic Performance at the Environment Festival (09/06).

"Collective Creation Beyond Art" Artistic Performance action in collaboration with the Plastic Arts Workshop of Alcalá de Henares an artistic production designed and created by people with intellectual disabilities could be enjoyed in Plaza de la Juventud during the party of the Environment (09/06).

"Presence Recycling and Energy Saving in the Day to Day" Action focused on the saving of water and electricity also made the design of utensils of recycled materials (eg plastic bottles as containers for school supplies).

Training actions: reading and information workshops on energy saving and care for the environment, forums on documentaries, lectures and conferences. Soon planned guided views of solar plant of Grupo T-Solar.

The most used messages to which Grupo T-Solar joins were:


"Take care of the environment and you will take care of your life, saving energy is everyone's job"

"Saving the environment is a commitment of all"

"Any positive action adds to social awareness"

Finally, we would also like to share the joy and good work of the members of ACADI with the following video: Lipdub Acadi - When I feel good

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