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A very active team

29 October 2019

Since the beginning of the year we are talking in Grupo T-Solar about the programs implemented in our company and the importance of permanent employee training on environmental, social and governance issues.

This time we would like to highlight the initiatives and programs carried out for and by our team of professionals during the months of September and October.

The month of September has been marked by the collaboration and/or participation of all employees in environmental activities, in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and in good corporate practice activities.

An environmental initiative introduced upon request of the employees and in order to reduce the consumption of plastic waste in our office since September each employee has a personalized glass cup and bottle to reduce the use of plastic cups and bottles.

Under our CSR initiatives and on an annual basis, our solidarity book collection market has been organized in September for all employees to donate to the NGO Aida Books & More, in which 125 books have been delivered this year for sale whose collection is dedicated to projects for social purposes.

To finish with September and under the framework of the implementation of good corporate practices, the company has also offered all its employees training in cyber-security for the prevention of the dangers related to computer crimes both in the personal and in the personal sphere. of the company.

The month of October has also been marked by a lot of activity in the company. Since autumn is a time of year conducive to reforestation activities after the drought of the summer period, the company has carried out another new activity of environmental volunteering focused on the reforestation measure necessary to try to establish the necessary balance with our environment. In the surroundings of our photovoltaic solar power plant in Saelices, Cuenca, the employees of Grupo T-Solar planted trees in a great initiative that, among other benefits (air purification, soil erosion reduction, oxygen production or improvement of the landscape ...), will prevent the emission of more than 15,000 kilos of CO2 into the atmosphere, once again highlighting the commitment and awareness of the environment.

October, additionally, has also been marked by two training activities dedicated to the professionals of Grupo T-Solar to reinforce knowledge of the energy sector, promote the professional and personal development of the members of our company, to boost motivation and involvement of all the team of Grupo T-Solar and to maintain the image of a highly qualified team.

The first training was the organization of Training Days in the prestigious law firm, and reference in Spain, Pérez-Llorca in the field of Energy Law focused on legal advice specialized in the energy sector, and more specifically, in the aspects related to renewable energy giving rise to debates with a very specialized content. The synergy of work that emerged during these days was very satisfactory.

Coincidentally, one of these days coincided with World Breast Cancer Day, and as always, the Grupo T-Solar team showed its most supportive side and its commitment to the fight against cancer; all its members carried the pink ribbon during the day, sharing the messages of those who fight in this hard battle, emphasizing the necessary awareness of the importance of prevention.

Within the framework of talent management of the team of professionals that compose the company, a new Development Centers Program (Tailored Development Centers) for Grupo T-Solar has been developed during the month of October together with the global talent consultancy independent Ackermann International. The objective of this program is to determine the individual talent of each employee (except for managers) to later be able to empower and help strengthen their professionalism through the design of individual action plans. The program consists of several phases: An initial phase of the in-depth evaluation of each participant in a first day in which role play activities were carried out both by teams and individuals, personalized interviews were conducted and a psychometric test was previously performed.

A second phase after the individual evaluation, in which it is intended to identify the potential of each participant and identify the degree of alignment of each profile with the positions they perform to finally develop an individual development plan for each participant of said program.

A final phase, after the identification of individual talent, where it is intended to give feedback to the General Management and each participant of the results obtained. This phase is intended to support management in the Development process through objective feedback based on a methodology adapted ad hoc to the company, ensure success in terms of adjustment of person and positions, facilitate decision-making in matters Internal promotions and above all empower the professionals of the company, strengthening their strengths and strengthening their professionalism.


From Grupo T-Solar we are very committed to our employees and we are aware that they are a very important part of the success of the company.

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