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Grupo T-Solar has defined a comprehensive Culture of Compliance, combining a preventive approach and the application of ethical principles to our business with a strict compliance of the regulatory framework.

This Culture of Compliance is based on the principles set in our Code of Ethics, which establishes the foundation for everyone’s behavior and governs all of our subsidiaries and individuals across the company, seeking for its application into everyone´s daily activities.

Grupo T-Solar's efforts aim at making the company, partners and suppliers share the same ethical corporate culture and apply it to their environment in line with their needs and with a permanent respect of the applicable regulations.

Basic Elements of Grupo T-Solar’s Compliance Culture

Grupo T-Solar's Culture of Compliance goes beyond the development of crime prevention models to protect the company from potential criminal liability and it is based on the following pillars:

Implementation of Good Corporate Governance Practices and Code of Ethics

  • Quarterly Board of Directors meetings with independent directors in the Board.
  • Board decisions documented in minutes.
  • Appointment of Committees: Compliance Committee, Audit Committee, Procurement Committee and Remuneration Committee.
  • Training on Compliance for directors & employees.
  • CEO certified in good corporate governance practices.
  • Directors promote the implementation of the Culture of Compliance.

Criminal Law Compliance Program

  • Risk Assessment
  • Criminal Risk Prevention Handbook for all employees and third parties of Grupo T-Solar
  • Internal Policy and Procedure for engaging Third Parties
  • Compliance Committee and Chief Compliance Officer.
  • Whistleblower Channel with the objective of encouraging and enabling subjects bound by Grupo T-Solar’s policies to complain about potential breaches under those policies and/or any applicable norm to Grupo T-Solar’s operations. In the event you consider or suspect that there might be a breach please let us know by using our secure and confidential Whistleblower Channel email (canaldenuncias@tsolar.com) or sending the information by post to our Compliance Committee (Compliance Committee of Grupo T-Solar Global S.A. C/ Serrano 67, 6th floor, 28006 Madrid, Spain)

Your data will be processed by Grupo T-Solar Global, S.A. in accordance with our Data Protection Policy.


Data Protection and Competition Compliance

Grupo T-Solar complies with the legal requirements under Data Privacy, including adopting the mandates of the new European Data Protection Regulation and its obligations under the legislation applicable where it operates. In the field of Competition law, for operations of acquisition or transfer of projects. This includes the following measures:

  • Compliance with GARP (Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles).
  • Data Protection Policy.
  • Legal Notice of Protection of Personal Data in the website.
  • Incident and Security breach management procedure.
  • Procedure for requests for the exercise of rights.
  • Measures to prevent and detect the existence of illegal anticompetitive practices.

Environmental Social Governance (ESG)

Grupo T-Solar is firmly committed to the sustainable development and management of our daily activities and our renewable projects, complying with existing environmental regulations, supporting local communities and ensuring the safety of our employees and visitors. Our Environmental Social commitment is part of our corporate strategy and it includes: :

  • Fulfillment of EU guidelines on environmental responsibility and management of electronic waste disposal for recycling purpose regulated by the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive.
  • Internal Social & Environmental Policy

Grupo T-Solar aims at implementing corporate sustainability standards as part of the transformational change in business and society towards a more sustainable future.

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