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For Grupo T-Solar , environment and social responsibility forms part of its corporate strategy.

The photovoltaic power plants of Grupo T-Solar generated over 401 GWh of clean electricity in 2017 equivalent to the average annual electricity consumption of approximate 540,000 inhabitants, the reforestation of 9,200,000 trees and more than 155,000 tons of CO2 emissions avoided in the atmosphere. For Grupo T-Solar, environment and social responsibility forms part of our corporate strategy.

We carry out ground reforestation planting local species of trees and shrubs around the perimeter and we protect wildlife of each of our solar PV plants.

Additionally, we have a strong commitment with our local communities. We have a close collaboration with local social initiatives.

We have agreements with schools and universities to organize trainings on our power plants.

Since 2011 we created a social fund in partnership with the Jesuit Office of Development in Peru for the implementation of community actions such as helping educational institutions with materials, equipment and training of teachers improving conditions for children and adolescent education.

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