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Grupo T-Solar is a leading independent solar power generation company

Grupo T-Solar is a leading independent renewable power producer and asset manager with a track record in the development and operation of  53 renewable power plants of almost 400 megawatts of installed capacity in Spain, Italy, Peru, Japan, USA and India that generated over 595 gigawatt-hours of clean electricity in 2019.

Grupo T-Solar is focusing on the European market with 92 percent of its assets in Spain and Italy. Including recent divestments in Japan and the U.S., the company has managed over €1.9 billion in renewable assets.

Mission: Grupo T-Solar concentrates its efforts and business activity on transforming solar energy into one of the most important and affordable clean energy sources on the planet, through continuous investment effort and collaboration with reliable partners.

Values: Strong commitment with the development of a sustainable business, in accordance with the highest ethical, moral and legal standards, by delivering energy solutions that are affordable and environmentally friendly

Strategy: Grupo T-Solar is a vertically integrated platform with extensive in-house expertise across the entire value chain: development, financing, construction management, project management, and operations. A disciplined approach to invest with the selection of high-quality projects (acquisition of portfolios under operation & development of new projects) with attractive returns. We focus on optimizing operational and financing structures that deliver consistent dividend. To achieve those objectives, we leverage our relationship with Tier I suppliers and financing institutions.

What we do

Grupo T-Solar’s core business is the development, financing, construction management and operation of solar (PV and CSP) power plants. Our goal is to consolidate and strengthening our presence in the renewable energy markets through the development of new projects, increasing our current installed capacity.

In addition, the company has the capability to act as an aggregator of assets/projects in a fragmented market, acquiring and integrating operating portfolios.

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