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Foundations for Success

High efficient asset management focused on continuous improvements in value creation

The foundations of the Grupo T-Solar value creation strategy is our platform optimization and growing in markets with stable regulatory framework and strong commitment with renewable energies.

Our Strategy

Investments with an industrial and long-term approach

Since Grupo T-Solar was founded in 2006, we have invested more than 1.9 billion euros worlwide, selecting the most profitable assets to develop and build. Additionally we count with strategic alliances with strong financial partners.


Who is Grupo T-Solar

Grupo T-Solar is a Developer, Manager and Operator of renewable assets

Today the company is present in 7 countries, in 3 continents and has 392 MW of installed capacity. Grupo T-Solar is continuosly evaluating development and acquisition opportunities to become a world's leading Independent Power Producer.

Company Core Values

Generation of renewable energy contributing to the sustainability of the planet

Among our core values are an efficient, compromised, transparent management based on improvement in professional and human terms.

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